Bathia Steedman b1780

Bathia Steedman was born the daughter of Alexander Steedman (her father was a a farmer from her death certificate) About 1780 in Broddel/Broadwell, Abernethy, Perthshire, Scotland, and died 1861. The 1851 census entry lists her as age 70 born in Broadwell, ie born about 1780. In addition, I have a sketch of his own pedigree done by Rev John Steedman in 1856, which shows his mother's father as Alexander Steedman.

Alexander Steedman b1721 Son of John Steedman & Isobel Paterson was born 30 April 1721 in Dron, Perthshire, Scotland. This birth is given on ScotlandsPeople

Children of John Steedman & Isobel Paterson are:-

1767 marriage Alexander Steedman to Catherine Crawford from a web tree (Marriage records available for Abernethy 1690-1727, and 1783-94). I have not been able to establish the provenance of this marriage. It is not on Scotlands People or LDS. This web site has a chart of children of Alexander Steedman (and it is said Catherine Crawford). It appears unlikely that they had such a large family at this time and is probably the agglomeration by the researcher of two or more families. I have included only the siblings as who are born in the same place as Bathia Steedman, ie Abernethy.

"Abernethy, village in Perthshire, and parish, partly also in Fife. The village stands 7 3/4 miles south east of Perth; contains an ancient round tower, similar to the famous round towers of Ireland; presents now a plain, modern appearance, and has a post-office with a money order department, under Newburgh, a railway station, an Established church, a United Presbyterian church, and a recently enlarged public school for 362 scholars. Pop. 906. – The parish contains also Aberargie village, includes Mugdrum Island, and is nearly 5 miles long and about 4 miles broad. Acres in Perthshire, 7577; in Fife, 1967. Pop. 1586 and 128. About one-third of the surface is low, rich land around and near the confluence of the Earn and the Tay; and the rest is part of the Ochill Hills, cloven by Glenfarg. ." Wilson, Rev. John, The Gazetteer of Scotland by Rev. John Wilson, 1882

It would appear that this is Bathia Steedman's birth entry. which does not give her name but the date and place fit. She is the daughter of Alexander Steedman. Broadwell (Brothel) is a short distance from Abernethy.

She married William Steedman 1806 in Perthshire, Scotland, he being the son of John Steedman and Elizabeth Hoggan. I cannot find the reference to this marriage

Children of Bathia Steedman and William Steedman are: Web link to tree on treemaker . I have added a confirmation from Scotlands people where I have found it,

1. Catherine Steedman, b. September 15, 1806 at Orwell, Kinross
2. John Steedman, b. April 20, 1808 at Orwell, Kinross (Scotlands People)
3. Elisabeth Steedman, b. May 6, 1810 at Orwell, Kinross
4. Alexander Steedman, b. February 11, 1812 at Orwell, Kinross (Scotlands People)
5. John Steedman, b. February 22, 1814 at Orwell, Kinross (Scotlands People), (birth entry) son of William Steedman, clock and watch maker, in Milnathort, and Bathia his wife, and baptised the following sabbeth. The Scotish records at this time do not record the mothers maiden name.
6. William Steedman, b. February 3, 1816
7. Bathia Steedman, b. April 4, 1819 at Orwell, Kinross (Scotlands People)
8. Margaret Steedman, b. October 22, 1821 at Orwell, Kinross (Scotlands People)

"ORWELL, a parish, containing the post-town of Milnathort, and the village of Middleton, in the north of Kinross-shire. It is bounded on the eastern part of the south by Loch-Leven, and elsewhere by the parishes of Kinross, Fossoway, Dunning, Forgandenny, Forteviot, Arngask, Strathmiglo, and Portmoak. Its length eastward is 9 1/4 miles; its greatest breadth is about 3 1/2 miles; and its area is about 21 square miles. The surface, in all the southern and south-eastern districts, is low, prevailingly level, and diversified with gentle swells and rising-grounds; and thence it gradually rises into hilly heights, called the braes of Orwell, and then, toward the northern boundary, shoots suddenly up into a frontier range of the Ochils, with summits of about 1,000 or 1,100 feet above sea-level ... The parish is traversed northward by the public road from Edinburgh to Perth, and eastward by that from Stirling to Cupar. Population in 1831, 3,005; in 1861, 2,399."
from the Imperial Gazetteer of Scotland, edited by John Marius Wilson, 1868.

1823 Her husband William Steedman died 17 Sep 1823 Milnathort, Kinross-Shire, Scotland

1841 census entry for Bathia Steedman (there are only 2 Bathia Steedman listed in the census, and these are they). This is certainly the correct family, but the ages are a bit out. Alex Steedman is the first listed, and he may have given them incorrectly.

Bathia Steedman, age: 50, living at Main Street. Kinross, with :-
Alex Steedman 25, occupation: Apothecary
Elisabeth Steedman 25
Margaret Steedman 17
Bathia Steedman 4

1851 census entry

Bathia Steedman, age: 71. Head of household, born: Broadwell, Perthshire. Occupation: Annuitant. Living at 2 King Street, Leith. In the household are

Elizabeth Steedman 40 daughter born Milnathort.
Bathia Steedman 3 grand daughter
William Douglas 21 grocers apprentice
William Bower 19 grocers apprentice
Alexander Smith 15 grocers apprentice

1861 census entry

Bathia Steedman 80, mother of head of household who is given as William Steedman 45 (described as Magistrate Wine Merchant & Grocer) . Living at 3 Springfield, Leith

Elizabeth Steedman 50 sister of head of household
William Steedman Age: 11, born: Stirling, Occupation: Scholar, Nephew
William McDonald 17 nephew and Grocer's Assistant
Lilias Moodie 19 servant
Jane Moodie 24, servant
Andrew Young 21, Grocer's Assistant

1861 death of Bathia Steedman. Her death certificate records she is the widow of William Steedman. clock and watch maker, on 12 June 1861 at 3 Springfield, Leith. 81 years old, daughter of Alexander Steedman (farmer, deceased). Reported by William Steedman, son.

William Steedman b1785