Henry Lloyd b circa 1807

I could not find his birth around 1807 in the Henllan registers in the Genealogical Soc in London. Henllan is where he puts his birth in the censuses

The only sure facts we have on Henry Lloyd, father of Elizabeth Lloyd (from her marriage certificate) are that he was dead by the 1841 census and that he was living in Llangollen in 1837 when his daughter Elizabeth was born. The fact that she is the only child to end living with her grandparents Robert and Elizabeth Lloyd would indicate that she was probably the only child of the marriage before both parents appear to have died.

A trawl of the 1841 and 1851 censuses, prior to her marriage shows no "Elizabeth Lloyd" with a father "Henry Lloyd" as her marriage certificate shows. One therefore assumes that he died before the census date in 1841. Henry Lloyd in Deaths Jan/Mar 1840 Wrexham vol 27, p236 appears to be the only candidate. This death certificate is difficult to read See below), and says Henry Lloyd died 14 Jan 1840 at Chester St, Wrexham. His age appears to be 33,35 or 38. (or it could be 53) The death is reported by a Eliza Lloyd, presumably his wife. (could conceivably be his mother)The blow up of his age is below, and can really be whatever one ouold like to make of it. In addition he is a "draper" and not a "butcher" as stated on his daughters marriage certificate.

There is a death noted of an Elizabeth Lloyd later the same year 1840 - Year of Registration: 1840 Quarter of Registration: Jul-Aug-Sep District: Wrexham (1837-1974) Volume: 27 Page: 166. This is the only Elizabeth Lloyd death in Wrexham before the census in 1841.

Wrexham population 1841 was 5,854. Pigots Directory of Wrexham in 1835 does not list a Henry Lloyd, Draper.

Elizabeth Lloyd later states on census forms that she was born in Llangollen. The only birth in the area of an "Elizabeth Lloyd" is Wrexham Oct/Dec 1837 vol 27 p205 Basically from marriage age she should have been born between March 1837 and March 1838 (given she was 23 on 2 March 1861). This reference is not her, this is an Elizabeth Lloyd, born to Hardman Lloyd and Jane Done on the birth certificate. Official records only start in July 1837, so there could have been another birth before July 1837 that I cannot get.

There is a set of volumes for marriages in Denbeighshire on th shelves at Ruthin County Archive. We searched to end of vol 17 (Parish Llanrheadr yng Nghinmerch) for a marriage of Henry Lloyd to Mary Roberts about 1834 to 1837 without sucess. Still need to search vol 18, 19 and 20.

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