Ellen Edwards b1826

1826 Ellenor Williams born the daughter of John Edwards, nailor, and Elizabeth Williams at Llangwyllog, Anglesey. It is difficult to see exactly who Ellen really is, and who is legitimate and who is not. We first see her in 1841 as "Ellenor Williams" age 14 the daughter of "Elizabeth Williams" then in 1851 as "Elizabeth Edwards, unmarried, age 24, with a 1 month old daughter Elizabeth Jones" but still the daughter of "Elizabeth Williams". After her marriage to John Evans (she uses the name Ellen Edwards, spinster, on marriage, and puts her father as John Edwards), the child becomes "Elizabeth Evans" in the 1861 census. Ellenor was probably the illegitimate daughter of a union between Elizabeth Williams and John Edwards

1841 Census Ellenor Williams age 14, and Elizabeth Williams age 50 living alone in High St, Llangefni.(remember ages are rounded for adults in 1841 census, this means Elizabeth Williams is between 50 and 55))

1851 census Ellen Edwards, daughter, unmarried age 24, born: Llangwyllog (3 miles north west of Llangefni, Anglesey. And Elizabeth Jones, grand daughter, under 1 month, born: Llangefni, Anglesey. Are living with Elizabeth Williams, Head, unmarried age 62, pauper, born: Llanfihangel Gerlsowgor, Anglesey, living at back of High St, Llangefni.

I have tried to find the birth of Elizabeth in 1850. It would appear that it is not Elizabeth Edwards. born 1850 Quarte: Jan-Feb-Mar District: Carnarvon Volume: 27 Page: 316 which gives the father as George Edwards and the mother as Catherine Edwards (formerly Williams).

1860 she marries (marriage cert). John Evans, bachelor and a tailor aged 30 marries Ellen Edwards, a spinster, aged 31 of Llanfair-is-gaer (or Bryn Llanfair) a parish in the county Carnarvon, 2 miles N.E. of Carnarvon, its post town, and 7 from Bangor. It is situated on the shore of the Menai Strait, and includes the township of Brynffynon and port of Dinorwig. His father is John Evans, a tailor and her father is given as John Edwards, a nailor.

1861 census shows that she has now married and is living with his her husband John Evans b1825 at Gilfachbach, Llanddaniel ((4 miles SE of Llangefni). The census records John Evans (age31), a tailor born Llandrygan. His wife is Ellen, age 36, born: Llangwyllog, Anglesey(Llangwyllog is 2 miles NW of Llangefni). Their only child is Elizabeth Evans 10, born Llangefni, Anglesey (this is the Elizabeth Jones in the 1851 census)

1861 just after the census Henry Evans was born on 24 May 1861

1866 another child John R Evans was born, he seems to have been the only other child to have survived, and even he has disappeared from the records by the 1881 census, either died or gone off to work.

1871 census gives: John Evans (age 46), he has given up being a tailor and is now a labourer. His wife is Ellen, (age 45) born Anglesey They are living at Rallt goch (?), Cwm Y Glo, Llanrug. (map of area) having by now moved from Anglesey to Snowdonia. Their three children are living with them - Elizabeth Evans 20, born Llangefni, Anglesey Henry Evans 10, born Llanddaniel, Anglesey John R Evans 5, born Llanrug, Carnarvon. The child John died later that year.

1881 census gives: John Evans (age 56), by now a quarryman. His wife is Ellen (age 54) born Llangwyllog, Anglesey (Llangwyllog is 2 miles NW of Llangefni). They are living at Allt goch, Cwm y flo, Llanrug. Their two children are Elizabeth Evans 30, daughter, born Llangefni, Anglesey Henry Evans 19, son, born Llanddaniel, Anglesey

1891 census. It is diificult to be sure if this is she. I feel that it probably is, and that they have moved to Carnarvon

Certainly she has died by 1901 census.

John Evans b1825