Jane Pugh b1824 and son William Pugh b1847

I am interested in this Jane Pugh because of William, her illegitimate child, is shown as the grandson of Richard & Anne Pugh in 1851 census. She is not in the house at the time of the 1851 census, but I will establish here that she is indeed the mother of William..

Possible births for William Pugh are Jun 1847 Dolgellau 27 157, Jun 1847 Dolgellau 27 156, or Sep 1847 Dolgellau 27 144, all who would have been 3 at 1851 census. The birth certs will not add a lot extra, but might give a guide to the father, which is actually not particularly helpful.

We find in fact that she married an Edward Evans of Dinas, Mallwyd (9 miles east of Dolgellau) in May 1849. She is a "servant maid" so one assumes that her child William must have been brought up by Richard & Ann Pugh, her parents, until sometime after her marriage. On her marriage certificate her father is given as Richard Pugh Labourer.

Oddly in 1851 census Jane is living with her new husband Edward Evans, a lead miner without her illegitimate son William. He has been left with her parents. They are in High Street, Dinas, and have not any children living with them.

One can follow her to the 1861 census when she is "Jane Evans" married to Edward Evans with her son "William Pugh". So William is back in the fold but still with the original Pugh name, and Edward Evans has changed from a lead miner to a slate quarrier.

1871 census. Jane Evans, age 46, living with her husband and 3 children at Talyllyn

1881 census. Jane Evans, widow and a grocer ages 56 living at Talyllyn living with her daughter Ann

1891 census. Living with her daughter Maggie.

1901 census. Living with her daughter Maggie and her grand-daughter (presumably Maggie's daughter)

I can be certain therefore that the evidence links Jane Pugh to being the daughter of Richard & Ann Pugh in the 1851 census. And the 1851 census gives her date of birth at Llanfachreth in 1824

The next thing is to see where Jane was in the 1841 census

and with Llanfachreth baptism register one can be fairly sure that this is her below, born 1824:-

1819 Mar 3 William



Buchesau, Farmer
1820 Mar 29 Anne



Buchessydd, Farmer
1822 May 16 Hugh



Buchesydd, Farmer
1824 Oct 3 Jane



Buchesydd, Farmer


1829 Jun 8 Richard



Caeheuad, Farmer

This shows fairly conclusively that this Jane Pugh was baptised 3 Oct 1824 in Llanfachreth to Richard & Anne Pugh, and is the daughter of the Richard & Anne Pugh of 1851 census in Dolgellau and therefore with "our" Evan Pugh living with Richard & Anne in that census

She is given as 27 in 1851 census, 37 in 1861 census, 46 in 1871 census, 56 in 1881 census. This would give a link to "our" Evan Pugh's parents being the same Richard & Anne (of Buchesydd, Farmer) in Llanfachreth, and their other children would therefore be sibblings - William 1819, Anne 1820, Hugh 1822 plus possibly Richard 1829. One could then try to follow the sibblings through censuses.

In other words, the balance of probability is that "our" Evan Pugh is a brother of this Jane Pugh 1824 and also of William 1819, Ann1820, Hugh 1822 and perhaps Richard 1829

Richard Pugh 1788